Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 24: Small town youth activities

This fall my son switched football programs.  For three years he played in the larger neighboring town because our tiny town does not offer football until the fifth grade. 

We went from a team of 25 to a team of 16.  I loved the increased playing time and skill development.  I hated not being able to scream cheer as loudly and as often as I have the past three years.  The anonymity of a big community was nice in that regard.

Our local junior tackle teams play on our high school field during the day on weekends.  When our high school team plays, it looks like this.

The football field is next to corn field.  It has a crow's nest from which the guys from our favorite band announce the game.  There's a small bleacher section.  Most people back their trucks up to the field or bring their lawn chairs or blankets.  It's small town football at its best.

Today, my daughter's dance studio performed at a small town Christmas Walk.  They didn't dance on a stage.  They danced in a parking lot.  Spectators gathered around to watch, drink hot apple cider, roast marshmallows on two fire pits.

Mine is the slightly off beat girl on the left.  Normally, her rhythm is much better than mine.   
I so grateful that my kids have opportunities to participate in activities they enjoy in our community.  I love that they are learning that they don't need a huge stadium or stage to share their talents and have fun with their friends.  Small town football fields and parking lots do just fine.   

Small town youth activities - One  of the 30 reasons why I love being my farmer's wife.

My friend and fellow 30 Day blogger's daughter also dances at our studio. Her reaction was similar to mine.

Stay tuned for the 6 other things I love about my life on the farm and 6 more things that converted this Sycamore girl into a small town girl:).

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