Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15: Jam!

I started my little blog project in 2009 to get more familiar with social media and the role of blogs in marketing and to improve my writing. 

Along the way I've had one faithful reader.  I've learned a lot about social media; taken way more time than necessary to write blog posts; and fallen in love with analytics.

A quick glance at my dashboard shows 465 visits to my blog by 254 unique visitors in four countries and 27 US states since October 15.  My visitors have spent an average of 3:03 minutes looking at 2.33 pages.  Wow!  I am humbled! 

If you know me in real life, you know I make jam.  Lots and lots of jam.  My farmer hates it.  He wasn't brought up on PB&J like I was.  The process happens on the hottest days of the year, steaming up the house even more.  Our deep freeze is full of fruit waiting to be processed.  There are jars, bands, and lids all over my house.  But like the rest of my quirky little ideas, he puts up with it.  He even built me a kitchen in his new shed so I could move the operation outside.

Because I am leaving the house shortly to spend the entire day and night in meetings and won't have much time for a thoughtful post, I am hosting a giveaway to show my appreciation to all who have visited my blog and commented on or liked my Facebook posts about it.

In Pioneer Woman style, please leave me a burning question you have about our farm, a comment about something you've read so far from the 30 day series, or tell me something you love about your job or community. 

I will pick three random people to receive their choice of blueberry, strawberry, red pepper tequila, hot pepper, or strawberry Margarita jam.  If you're local, I'll even let you pick a jar of my favorite refrigerator jam - tomato basil.  It's like bruschetta in a jar.  On toasted garlic bread - heaven!

You need to leave your screen name (not your real name unless you are OK with that) with your comment so I know who to announce tomorrow!

 Jam - One of the 30 reasons why I love being my farmer's wife.

Stay tuned for the 15 other things I love about my life on the farm and 15 more things that converted this Sycamore girl into a small town girl:).

And, check out my friend Holly's blog and the list of the other 30 day bloggers at 30 Days on a Prairie Farm.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lauren! Not sure where your comment went but what I have learned is to seek first to understand, then be understood. Easier said than done in most cases. The science goes both ways on a lot of issues. You need to understand where the person with the opposing view is coming from and why, then tell your story.

      I have friends who, no matter what I say, will not change their minds. I also have friends who just need to hear what the other 2% has to say to come back to a more moderate view point. I love them both. Pick your battles.

  2. I love being your faithful follower!!!!!! Keep writing Amy!

    One thing that has always amazed me about you is your ability do balance so many things. Farming, family, work, school, church, ect...

    Do you ever melt down? Just thinking about it is exhausting for me!

    P.S. I'm a fan :)

    1. To my #1 fan:

      I knew I could count on you to comment:)!

      Right now my balance is precarious. One thing out of whack and my whole system will come toppling down. But you know me well, it's how I like it.

      After my first year back in school, I realized I needed to prioritize. I told myself that school would not get in the way of my relationships with my farmer, my kids, or my friends. In that order. My volunteer work, especially in the kids' school and at church has had to take a back seat for now. That won't always be the case, but in this season of my life, it's necessary.

      As far as not melting down, that's where my friends and my garden come in. Nothing centers and relaxs me more than laughing with my crazy friends and the solitude of hard labor in my garden. And running, which I don't do often enough anymore. There's only so many hours in the day and I need eight of them for sleep!