Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17: He gives me permission to be a slacker

I have had a marathon month and a half.  I picked up a last minute consulting gig in Spain mid-October.

The quick trip, follow-up, my regular responsibilities, school work, house work, and kid stuff have left little downtime.

At 9:30 tonight when I told my farmer I need to write a blog post and that my brain was fried, he told me it was OK not to do it.  Unfortunately, I am a stickler for follow-through.  But I am going to make it short!

He gives me permission to be a slacker- One of the 30 reasons why I love being my farmer's wife.

Stay tuned for the 13 other things I love about my life on the farm and 13 more things that converted this Sycamore girl into a small town girl:).

And, check out my friend Holly's blog and the list of the other 30 day bloggers at 30 Days on a Prairie Farm.

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