Thursday, November 17, 2011


This fall my son's football team wore Superman stickers on their helmets. It was to honor a little boy who was an "unofficial" part of their team.

At one of their last games, the little boy was brought on to the field with his grandparents and given a team jersey with Superman printed on the back.

The little boy was laid to rest today.

I didn't know him or his family, but his story is heartbreaking. His mom passed away a few years ago. His step-mom stands accused of the heinous abuse that left him with severe brain damage. Authorities don't believe it was an isolated incident.

I can't even begin to imagine. How do you hurt a child?

So many members of the community have been touched by this little boy's story. To honor him, balloons were released when the funeral procession passed over a bridge on the way to the burial.

I can't imagine.

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