Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I wonder.

I was reading the Pioneer Woman's blog post from today. I have a lot of questions. Not just about today but in general. They've been building over time. With so many followers, it seems pointless to e-mail Ree. She probably gets thousands of messages and since I have nothing to offer, I doubt I would get an answer. So for my one confirmed reader (and anyone else), what do you think?

1. When a cowboy goes to work at a ranch, do they give him a horse to ride or does he bring his own? If he brings his own, does he leave it there when he goes home at night? Is that like leaving your dog at work over night? It kind of makes me sad.

2. How many people assist her? The laundry along makes me cringe. I would never see the light of day.

3. How do I sell my husband on building another house close by where I can escape to work and entertain my friends?

I get that her blog is her business. But wow, she's super woman.


  1. I love her blog. She has older chidden who are home and are farm kids. They do work....I bet her daughter has a list of duties. That being said...she has to have help. And, when you figure out how to work the second house or lodge....let me know! And can I also say how happy reading your blog has made me. Miss you friend!

  2. I miss you, too Nicole! I love reading your's. I can't believe how big all the kids have gotten!