Friday, November 4, 2011

The End of an Era

This weekend my son will play his last peewee tackle football games. We've traveled to a neighboring town for the past three years to play in this league. We started when he was seven.

Year 1

Since we've played in another town, we've been fairly anonymous. Which was nice. The first two years I became acquainted with some of the other parents, but this year I helped with the fundraiser and had to hang around at practice. I made some friends. And over the past three years, so did my son.

I'm pretty sad to be done. I'm pretty sad to leave behind the group of kids that I've watched develop as players and as a team for the past three seasons.

Year 2

As we drove home last night, my son said, "I'm going to miss that little field." We talked about the friends he'll miss the most and how lucky we were to have the same defensive coach all three years. A coach who really pushed him to be better.

Next year we will move up to Junior Tackle and play in our small town. I know we'll have a blast watching him play with his classmates and watching them come together as a team. I know I'll be typing a similar post when he's a senior.

As we transition, what I think I'll miss most is being a really LOUD, SHRILL, and ANNOYING fan. In this league I can scream (encouraging things, of course) as loud as I want and as much as I want, because after all, I am anonymous.

Year Three (on the left)

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