Sunday, November 20, 2011

My future plans

I've been working, reading, and playing non-stop for the past few days. I know I shouldn't wish away Thanksgiving, but I. can't. wait. for next Monday. I am so ready to be done with this semester. Here's what I plan to do until my class starts mid-January:

1. Read the Twilight series. I got sucked into the second half of the first movie the other day. I fully expect not to shower or leave the couch for at least a week.

2. Make cookies. Jam thumbprints are my favorite.

3. Be a groupie. Two of our good friends have a band. We try to attend as many of their gigs as possible. They let me play the tambourine. It makes me happy. And, it gives me bruises.

4. Run! I have been so busy this fall. I need to start back up and get ready for Tampa in February, (hopefully) Mexico in February and Houston in March.

5. Clean. My cleaning angel is still on leave. Cleaning angel, please come back.

6. Kill. The weather finally turned and the mice are coming in. I started hunting them yesterday. I need to turn up the heat. If there is one thing that make me squirm, it's the thought of mice crawling around my house.

7. Enjoy Christmas with my kiddies! I have two full weeks off. I need to plan some fun things.

Any suggestions?!

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  1. Reading the Twilight series.....those were bad parenting days for me!