Monday, May 25, 2009

I am a plantoholic.

I love the rush I get from seeing plants I don't have and thinking about how they would fit into my landscape. It's a great feeling. It's an even better feeling when I purchase and plant them.

I am going to stay strong for the rest of this season and not buy anymore. But since I will fall off the wagon next fall and spring, I thought it would be smart to start a wish list. This way I can keep track of all everything I need, prioritize and set a budget for next year.

Here's my start:

Jonquils - white with red centers
Iris - yellow and white
Clematis - red
White Flowering Crabapple Tree
Clump Birch Tree
Buckeye Tree

I see more sod digging in my future. The chiropractor will be pleased!

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