Monday, June 21, 2010

What's in Your Basket

This week's basket includes the following:

Salad Greens - Bibb lettuce (darker green), Ruby lettuce (Red) and Summer Crisp lettuce (light green).


Green Onions

Squash - The first of the season!

Radishes - To prepare radishes, wipe clean and trim off the stem end and tip. The peppery flavor is most concentrated in the skin and so this can be peeled or cut off if the radishes are too pungent. For added crispness soak in iced water for an hour before use.

Swiss Chard - The first of the season!

Everything in the basket has been rinsed once. It should all be washed again before eating. Please rinse the plastic bags and containers and return them with the basket at your next delivery.

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