Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13: Garden Update

This weekend brought a lot of rain, a lot of weeds and a lot of garden progress. This coming week will be full of weeding and mulching to cut down on future weeding. I don't think I'll be watering anytime soon.

The potatoes are starting to flower. They need to be weeded and hilled with straw this week. If they aren't hilled the potatoes will form above ground, have a green color from exposure to the sun and be poisonous.
There were some germination issues with the sugar snap peas so they are a bit behind. They are just starting to flower.

The yellow wax beans are on the verge of flowering. The green beans also had to be replanted so they are a couple weeks behind.

The strawberries were plentiful this year and should be done this week. Each year I contemplate tearing them out. They always surprise me and making me change my mind.

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