Monday, March 30, 2009


Each spring I rake the rocks that were pushed from the driveway into the grass with the snow out of the grass. If the rocks are left, they will drown out the grass and dull our mower blades. I used to think it was just my husband's family that performed this spring ritual. As I've met more and more rural families, I've learned that I am not alone.

Raking rocks at my house is no small feat. We live down a long, long gravel driveway that curves around the back of our house. I use to take every rock personally as I raked in the cool spring air. This year, I'm trying to do it with a more positive outlook. It is a really, really good abdominal workout. I've given up running for the month and am raking instead.

So far I've spent about 25 hours raking. Today as I put in my time, I started thinking about all the rocks in my life: obsessing over things that I can't control, making comparisons, blaming, and thinking that I need to be in control. I know that I will never get all the rocks out of the grass or out of my life. But this spring, I will try harder to get a few more of them.

Our tulips survived the few inches of snow this weekend.

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