Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Fresh Start

It's New Year's Eve, another jammy day and I'm feeling a bit reflective.

2009 was a busy year. We did basketball, an indoor waterpark, Mexico, another indoor waterpark, spring soccer, late planting, little league, Vacation Bible School, a garage sale, Indiana shopping, northern Michigan camping, 4-H fair, the Ericson Extravaganza Wiffle Ball Tournament, four wheeling in Bushnell, fall soccer, tackle football, a murder mystery party, Thanksgiving at our house, a late and long harvest, Illinois Farm Bureau Conference and Discussion Meet, a weekend in Chicago, wrapping up my old job, Christmas, new puppy, a new job and two weeks off.

With all that was going on, I was in survival mode much of the time. I didn't realize how much I was in survival mode until this week. I guess clarity comes with two weeks of jammy days.

Being so busy, many important areas of my life were neglected. In the new year I want to do a better job:

1. Meal planning: I hope this will lead to healthier eating, more deliberate grocery shopping, a lower grocery bill, less weekday stress and more family meals. I plan to use some of simplemom's resources to help.

2. Character development in my kids: Too often I just do 'it' so I don't have to fight with anyone, it gets done when I want it done and it's done my way. I need to stop this and set some expectations about the responsibilities associated with being a member of our family, i.e. helping out around the house. This is even more crucial now that Santa brought a new puppy. More on him in another post. Simplemom is going to help here, too.

3. Asking for help: Because my husband is extremely busy in the fall and spring, I get used to being the one who takes care of everything with the kids and house. I need to stop this, ask for help and deal with the grouchiness that comes with asking. I can not do it all while staying sane and gracious.

4. Exercise: I used to run. I used to teach aerobics. I used to be extremely disciplined. Once we moved and I had my second child five years ago, it's been hit or miss. Now, 12 pounds later, I am struggling. This year I plan on enrolling in an exercise program at work. Since I will be starting a new job with a new office location, I'm hoping that starting this new habit will be easier. Also, since I need to take care of the puppy early in the morning, I am hoping that I will take time to exercise after taking him out.

There are a few other areas I would like to work on: my spirituality, not signing my kids up for every activity they want to participate in, cleaning my house, reading for pleasure - but these will have to wait. I need to focus.

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