Friday, November 13, 2009

Wasn't it just Halloween?

Is it really the middle of November? It feels like Halloween was just last weekend. I am so not ready to embrace the fact that Christmas is only SIX WEEKS AWAY.

Maybe its because we are no where close to being done with harvest. We're usually just about done picking corn and well into tillage. Most years I have my husband back by now. Or, he's at least home before 2 a.m. with a more positive outlook on life.

Maybe its because the weather FINALLY straightened out and we've had some really nice fall days. The past week has felt like Indian Summer. Later today I get to clean flower beds at my GMIL's house. I am actually looking forward to being outside.

Maybe its because I have no idea what we are doing for Thanksgiving. I'm in a bit of denial about how close we are to this holiday. I'm not worried about Thanksgiving day. That day will work itself out. I'm worried about the day after. We usually get our Christmas tree that Friday. Its a tradition I want my kids to grow up with, remember and one day cherish. This year we will most likely not be able to do this because my husband will be in the field and it has been a heavy weight on my heart. I need to remember that it is not about the DATE, its about the experience of the DAY: going as a family, picking the perfect (or not so perfect tree), bringing it home, decorating it and watching Christmas movies together that night. Easier said then done.

Maybe its time for a new tradition to take my mind off of it. When dad's still on the field on that Friday, maybe we can have a cookie bake fest with grandmas and aunts to kick off the Christmas season. Or, maybe we can make homemade ornaments. Or, maybe we can just have a jammie day, watch Christmas movies all day and eat popcorn.

What do you do to create holiday memories with your family?

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