Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

This entire week I feel as though I've just been spinning my wheels. I have started a few big projects at work. I've even made pretty significant progress on them but there is so much left to do. I am so overwhelmed.

Football has been over for two weeks and I've gained ten hours each week at home. It's been nice not having to rush around but there is so much to do around here, too.

The next three days are packed full of fun, yet busy things. Tomorrow I have my last advisory board meeting for my old job. I need to organize the lunch before hand, get all the printed materials and the room ready, attend, present, get a networking reception ready for our students after the meeting, and clean up. Then, I volunteered to help set up for my son's school's vendor fair. Then, I need to come home and pack for a night away. Saturday I am going to help set up for our college's annual gala. Saturday night I get to attend the gala and dance. Then Sunday morning I will get to briefly sleep in before driving an hour home to return my son's football pads and attend his end of the season football party. Whew! I like being busy but this weekend is a bit too busy.

I have a very smart mouse living in my house. We have about 12 traps set.

Just writing this has decreased my stress. Now, off to get something accomplished...

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  1. Don't you love how blogging it take pressure off. Hope the gala is fun! Just the word gala sounds fun to me :) Call me sometime! nic