Monday, May 17, 2010

10 Random Things

I haven't been posting regularly but I have been busy! Here are ten random things I've been up to:

10. Hauling kids to basketball, dance and soccer.
9. Starting a new job! Hooray!
8. Avoiding the gail force winds that blow through my yard. When will the wind stop blowing?
7. Running.
6. Cooking a meal at Ronald McDonald House Charities. It is such a great place!
5. Mowing the lawn. It started a month early this season. YUCK!
4. Training (ok mostly yelling) at the puppy. I need professional help. For the puppy, not me.
3. Planting seeds in my basement. Veggies and flowers.
2. Not cleaning my house. I need professional help here, too.
1. Applying to grad school. I will start working on my doctoral degree in the fall. YIKES!

1 comment:

  1., puppy, garden, cleaning, kids....makes me tired just thinking about it. But, if anyone can pull it off....It's YOU! So glad to see a post from you....I missed ya!